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Doug and Jean Carn November 30, 2007
James Hardge, president of the company that now owns the Black Jazz catalog, picks up the story on the company's website:
"In 1986 I began my quest to own and reactivate Black Jazz Records. I knew that the original owner had passed, so I set out to bring Black Jazz Records to life. It was on my mind 24 hours a day, I was constantly thinking how I could acquire the iconic label.

I moved from my home in Oakland, California to Atlanta and opened Red Beans and Rice Records in 1992. While in business, this beautiful young lady walked in the store and began browsing through the albums. While browsing she came across the album Infant Eyes. She walked to the counter and said, 'That’s me.'

I responded in question and she identified herself as the baby in the album cover picture. She also noted that her mother and father were also in the picture. What a shock! Actually meeting the daughter of Doug and Jean Carn. When I asked if her father was still living, she said 'Yes, and he’s currently living in Florida.'

She gave me his telephone number, and I called a week later to find the number no longer in service. I never saw the young lady again after our encounter.

A year later a freak accident happened. A car ran through my store doing 50 MPH, damaging the building severely. It forced me to relocate the business across town, which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me!

My employee received a call from a gentleman who said he was the owner of Black Jazz. I immediately returned the call and asked him his intentions. He asked if I knew of a label that was interested in reissuing the titles from the Black Jazz’s catalog.

I responded that I was; I also asked him if he was interested in selling the label. He responded 'Possibly.' I asked him where he was currently living, and the location he told me was less than two blocks away from my store. What a coincidence!

A month later he informed me that he was interested in selling the label. We worked out a deal, and a month after that I was the proud owner of Black Jazz Records. Keeping the tradition alive and keeping it in black hands.

It is now my intent to reactivate Black Jazz Records to reissue all of the catalog albums domestically and internationally on CD and vinyl, and to sign and record new and established recording artists whose musical direction is consistent with the spirit of positively and African-American Awareness through music."
The prices of Black Jazz albums at the site are beyond fantastic. Album downloads are $8.50 each, and the CDs are $13,98 apiece. And the fidelity is stunning.

See and hear for yourself. To access the Black Jazz site, click here.

But now we can not access the web site, it has gone...
And at Amazon.com, most are import and more than 40 dollars now. Where has this label gone? Does anyone know that?
Anyway this interview was after Rip-off Report by Connie.

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  1. The link is active, the websie is up and running © 2011 Black Jazz Records. All rights reserved.. buyer beware?